Letters for Parents

File Date Size Download
ESLA Leadership Update Letter 24 March 2017 88KB Download
Launch of All Saints Sixth Form College - Letter for Parents and Students 19 January 2017 307KB Download
Safeguarding Message for Parents 06 December 2016 66.2KB Download
Christmas Dates and Times 06 December 2016 101KB Download
Contact Details Letter 10 November 2016 103KB Download
Improving our Academy Letter for Parents  06 October 2016 105KB Download
Election for Parent Governor Letter 06 October 2016 116KB Download
Letter to Parents re Ofsted 15 June 2016 270KB Download
Library Letter for Parents 04 March 2016 153KB Download
ESLA News Letter to Parents 03 March 2016 105KB Download
New Intake Letter to Parents 03 March 2016 100KB Download
Letter to Parents 25 February 2016 100KB Download
Consultation Response 22 January 2016 197KB Download
Year 11 RAP day 20 January 2016 109KB Download
Consultation of proposed changes to timings of the school day 15 January 2016 178KB Download
Attendance and Punctuality 15 January 2016 220KB Download
End of Half Term Letter 22 October 2015 115KB Download
Year 11 Maths & English Parent Letter 14 September 2015 110KB Download
Open Evening Letter to Parents 08 September 2015 343KB Download
End of Term Reminder Letter 30 March 2015 319KB Download
Parent Easter Letter 30 March 2015 389KB Download
Homework Letter 14 January 2015 471KB Download


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Mrs A.Pontifex

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Executive Headteacher: Mrs A. Pontifex