Contacting the Academy

The preferred and often best method of contact is by Telephone. Please be aware teaching staff are usually not available to return phone calls until after lessons finish at 3:00pm. Another way to make contact is through the Contact Us page on our website. If you would like a call back please make sure you leave your full name, telephone number and the member of staff who you would like to call you back.


Parents must contact the Academy in advance if they wish to book an appointment and we ask that parents allow a reasonable period of some days' notice at least in order for us to do so. Parents will not be seen unless by prior agreed arrangement and are discouraged from dropping into school without having first made an appointment.

First instance contact your child's Progress Manager:

Year 7 - Mrs M. Woods
Year 8 - Mrs S. Platt
Year 9 - Mrs J. Clague
Year 10 - Ms L. Hunt
Year 11 - Ms J. Brew
Sixth Form - Miss S. Dooley

Second instance contact your child's Director of Progress:

Year 7 - Mrs D. Holmes
Year 8 - 
Mrs D. Holmes
Year 9 - Miss C. Hughes
Year 10 - Mr M. Kealey
Year 11 - Mr B. Wheller
Year 12/13 - Mrs J. Lawson

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Executive Headteacher
Mrs A.Pontifex

51 Horrocks Avenue, Liverpool, L19 5NY

0151 230 2570


Enterprise South Liverpool Academy is a member of
The Liverpool Joint Catholic and Church of England Academies Trust
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Executive Headteacher: Mrs A. Pontifex