Cashless Catering

Enterprise South Liverpool Academy currently operates a cashless catering system. Therefore no cash can be accepted at the till points in any of the catering areas.

This new system offers many advantages to students, parents and staff, enabling the catering department to deliver a more efficient, faster service and to continue to provide wholesome, healthy and enjoyable meals.

The pupils each have an account which they can top-up, and use to buy food at morning break and lunchtime. There is a daily spend limit which is preset at £5.00 Should you wish this to be changed for your child the Catering Manager will be happy to help.

Pupils can pay any amount to increase the balance of their accounts at the coin  machines situated within the school. We do however recommend that you issue your child with the desired amount for the week and encourage them to load their account on a weekly basis. This avoids the need for children to carry cash in school and is a much more secure method of payment.

Students that qualify for free school meals can also use the new system. Their accounts will automatically be credited with the amount allocated for free school meals, which the students can then spend in the normal way. The amount will be paid into the account on a daily basis and can be spent at lunchtime. These students can also “top-up” their balances if required to enable them to purchase a snack at morning break.

The system helps to reduce the stigma of free school meals, as only the operator will be able to identify the child's free allowance.

Access to the new system is via biometric authentication. An image of your child's fingerprint will be taken, and turned into a mathematical algorithm. This will then be used to recognise the fingerprint. Please note: the original image of the fingerprint will be discarded. It will not be possible to reconstruct the image of the fingerprint from the information held on the system. When the customer places their finger on the scanner the software matches the fingerprint to the unique digital signature held in the database.

Should you have any questions regarding the cashless system please do not hesitate to contact the Catering Manager, Rachael Reid, for advice.


Features of the Cashless Catering System
- Convenience of paying for school meals. No more looking for change every morning.
- Discourages the misuse of school dinner money, through spending in shops outside of the school grounds.
- Alleviates many of the associated problems with the use of cash in schools ie. loss, theft and bullying.
- Specific food allergy ingredients can be barred automatically.
- Healthy eating is encouraged.
- Queuing times are reduced through increased speed of service.
- Automatic free meal allocation means the students can remain anonymous.
- Detailed reports can be obtained to analyse all aspects of the use of the system.
- Students having control of their accounts teaches important life skills.
- A more efficient delivery of service helps the catering department provide wholesome, healthy and enjoyable school meals at a low cost.

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