Exam Information

Examination Period

Monday 15th May 2017 - Thursday 29th June 2017

Students are not expected to take any leave during this period.

Exam Instructions to candidates

  1. Prompt start - students must be on school premises for 8:30am or before for morning exams.  For afternoon exams 12:45pm or before.
  2. Students MUST be in full uniform.
  3. Outdoor coats, bags and MOBILES must be placed in student lockers during exams.  School will not be liable if student belongings go missing.
  4. Students must contact school if they are running late.  Start time for exams can only be delayed by 15 minutes.
  5. All students must assemble in the Atrium and will then be directed to exam rooms in candidate number order.
  6. Only bottled water with sports tops will be allowed during exams.
  7. Students must be equipped for exams.  Stationery may be purchased in the morning from school before 8:30am.
  8. When entering exam rooms students must respect invigilators instructions to remain silent. 
  9. Copies of individual student timetable may be obtained from the Exams Office

Exam Documentation

Exam Timetable

Warning to Candidates

JCQ Information for candidates - Privacy Notice

JCQ Information for candidates - Written Exams

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