Our Sponsors

Enterprise South Liverpool Academy has two sponsors:

 - Diocese of Liverpool
 - Archdiocese of Liverpool

Through the commitment of our sponsors we are able to offer diverse and exciting opportunities. With the expertise of our sponsors behind us, we have the platform to help prepare students for the world of work.

Our mission is that the Academy is the heartbeat of the local community. For example, we open our doors to parents and carers by offering courses to help develop the area’s entrepreneurial spirit. We are also committed to providing local residents with the facilities to start clubs and community groups and engage students outside classrooms hours.

This is a reflection of the inclusive, respectful and Christian values that underpin all that we do at Enterprise South Liverpool Academy. We are lucky to have the Diocese and Archdiocese of Liverpool sponsoring us, ensuring our students are well rounded people who will be valued in both the working place and in the community.



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Executive Headteacher
Mrs A.Pontifex

51 Horrocks Avenue, Liverpool, L19 5NY

0151 230 2570


Enterprise South Liverpool Academy is a member of
The Liverpool Joint Catholic and Church of England Academies Trust
Company Number: 07007398

Executive Headteacher: Mrs A. Pontifex