Our Specialisms

The aim of the Specialism at Enterprise South Liverpool Academy is to provide opportunities for all students to:

  - Learn through work
  - Learn about work
  - Learn for work

with the benefits for students seen to be:

  - Developing employability
  - Helping to prepare them for life in the increasingly complex and changing world of work
  - Improving motivation by helping students see how their school-work relates to the world of work
  - Preparing for further education and training
  - Helping to make informed decisions about courses and careers

Through the Enterprise & Business curriculum, students develop the competences, team working and critical thinking skills necessary to enhance academic outcomes as well as the entrepreneurial and self-determining skills for life beyond the academy.The Languages for Business specialism, complementing the Academy’s Enterprise & Business specialism provides students with an opportunity to broaden their outlook through an international dimension to their learning and personal development.

Examples of how this has been achieved through a number of activities both within the curriculum and as extra-curricular projects include;

  - Ifs Investors Challenge
  - KPMG Entrepreneurial Challenge
  - Young Enterprise
  - Theatre in Education
  - Apprenticeship talks with Key stage 4/5 students
  - Introduction of new courses e.g. NCFE Developing Enterprise
  - Exchange visits to Spain and Finland
  - Links with schools in China, Colombia, Spain, Sweden
  - Work Experience/ Employability Interviews
  - Community Fashion Show

The uniqueness of the partnership of sponsors serves to drive an unprecedented range of opportunities for students through the specialism.  From business expertise to university training, from local knowledge to the personal development through Christian values, collectively the sponsors offer a more comprehensive range of expertise and involvements than ever before to a school or academy in the region.

Support from the sponsors includes;

  - Providing a member of staff to act as a mentor to the Young
  - Work experience placements
  - Young Managers Project
  - An introductory series of workshops to include Mandarin, Calligraphy, Tai Chi and Cultural activities
  - Development of Mandarin within the curriculum
  - Development of a Confucius Classroom
  - Support in bringing the curriculum ‘to life’

Students will be encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and, through effective coaching and mentoring, identify real pathways for further learning, training and employment.  The Academy will continually aim to transform the aspirations of young people and open doors for their future success in life and in work.

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Mrs A.Pontifex

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Executive Headteacher: Mrs A. Pontifex