Mission Statement

The Sponsors’ mission is that the Enterprise South Liverpool Academy (ESLA) equips all members of its learning community with the values, skills and attributes they will need for personal success and well-being in a multi-cultural society and global economy.

Also to significantly contribute to community cohesion and regeneration as a centre of learning to provide support, training and business opportunities for the benefit of all local people.

The Enjoyment of Learning, the opportunities provided through the Enterprise and Business and Languages for Business specialisms and a culture that reflects Christian Values and Principles are the core characteristics of the Academy. These complementary core elements, along with efficient and effective stewardship of the Academy by Governors and staff, are evident in everything the Academy does and represents.


The Sponsors’ overriding vision is for the Academy to be an outstanding learning community and resource for South Liverpool, bringing together communities from diverse backgrounds in an innovative and exciting environment; providing high quality education and facilities for students, families and the wider community. It will be a place where there are high aspirations of and by everyone and where students of all backgrounds, beliefs and abilities will be welcomed, respected, supported and encouraged to fulfil their individual potential

The Academy dedicates itself to innovation and excellence, and to ensuring:

  • the Academy’s community is one that promotes Christian values, mutual civility among different groups and respect for diversity, welcoming students and families of all faiths and none and serving the whole community.
  • the provision of the right curriculum so everyone has access to the best possible curriculum that suits their needs and aspirations, allowing them to achieve the highest possible standards.
  • everyone receives the highest quality teaching and a variety of learning experiences that are enjoyable, relevant, motivating and challenging.
  • everyone receives the best learning support and guidance to ensure both educational progress and personal and social development in preparation for the life after school.
  • everyone experiences learning in a transformational learning environment which is secure, supportive and stimulating.
  • members of the local community are actively involved as partners in the Academy which will aim to raise community aspirations and provide new opportunities for work, leisure and local regeneration
  • Governors, individual members of staff and other interested parties exercise stewardship of the Academy’s resources in an efficient and effective way ensuring regularity and propriety at all times

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Executive Headteacher
Mrs A.Pontifex

51 Horrocks Avenue, Liverpool, L19 5NY

0151 230 2570


Enterprise South Liverpool Academy is a member of
The Liverpool Joint Catholic and Church of England Academies Trust
Company Number: 07007398

Executive Headteacher: Mrs A. Pontifex